After many years of trying to find a profitable and effective merchandising solution that actually grew my business, I was introduced to Stuart by a buyer from Metcash, with the words, “this guy you can trust, and he will get the job done” those words turned out to be correct.

Stuart has a great understanding of the independent supermarket business in WA and is well respected by the stores.

Stuart grew my business more than any other company had managed to do in the previous 18 years.

In those 18 years I had tried many options including some well-known brokerage companies, and locally based companies with a sales force.

I sold my business in June 2019.

Late 2020 amid some pretty tough times due to COVID-19, I introduced Stuart to another company who wanted to grow their business in WA, once again Stuart has stepped up and done the job.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Stuart to any company who is looking to grow their business in WA.

Stan Barrow

Former Owner,
Retail Distribution Australia Pty Ltd


Farmer Jacks FoodWorks Moora

We have dealt with Stuart since 2012 when we opened our FoodWorks Store in Moora.  Stuart was the Sales Manager for J&B Sales at the time which then became Botany International Foods. When Stuart decided to open his own business STK Foods Pty Ltd, we had no hesitation in supporting him by ranging his products in our Store as well as recommending him to other Retailers. The range has been going exceptionally well for us and we look forward to many years ahead of working with Stuart in providing our Customers with his products.

I have been dealing with Stuart in FMCG for 15 years. I can say that Stuart gives a quality service and has a rare quality that the market is missing. Stuart’s strongest quality that I appreciate is his ethics and the distances he goes to make sure a product works for me and him. His advice is highly trusted.

Phillip Chadinha

IGA Heathridge

Inderjit Singh

I have been dealing with Stuart for over 15 years and he is still supplying our stores various products.

The service provided to the stores has been both consistent and professional which is the main reason for this long term relationship.

Our industry is very competitive and we need to be up there, support from our suppliers have made this possible for us and one of them has been Stuart in his personal capacity over the years. 

Stu has supplied my Stores for the past few years and I would highly recommend his service and products. He has built a fantastic relationship with our Stores and I cannot speak highly enough about how well he has looked after his section. Customers love the range of Kiwi products on offer and they go down a treat with raving reviews.

Matthew Pham

Pham Group

Cheryl Litton

Assistant Manager,
Farmer Jacks Halls Head

I reached out to Stuart at STK Foods 2 years ago to source some New Zealand products that customers had requested. Stuart was so helpful and efficient with ordering in a full range of New Zealand products. Stuart then delivered the goods and brought his family down to Mandurah on that weekend and ranged them all in on the shelf.

The New Zealand food range has been very successful within the store with Stuart managing the products each and every time he visits the store.

Stuart and his family are very approachable and always there to help in any way they can.

It is an absolute pleasure to continue our relationship with Stuart and his family from STK foods.